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- Charles Darwin

Aug 20, 2007

Move Over MTV, Science Just Went Live

SciVee brings the latest science to your desktop

John Hawks just brought this to my attention. This looks incredibly cool and is just getting started. Following up on the Public Library of Science public domain journals, now scientists can upload videos presenting their cutting edge research at a free online conference.

As they explain at the SciVee website:

SciVee, created for scientists, by scientists, moves science beyond the printed word and lecture theater taking advantage of the internet as a communication medium where scientists young and old have a place and a voice.

The only hitch, as of now, is that you have to be published in one of the PLoS journals in order to upload your video presentation. Nonetheless, this is just one more way that science can be made more accessible to the public. Of course, now that our conference presentations will reach an audience larger than 30 we'll have to seriously work on our public speaking skills.

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coturnix said...

Not necessarily only on PLoS journals, but any Open Access journals.