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- Charles Darwin

Sep 29, 2007

Atheist Alliance International Convention Sold Out

Enormous demand at New Atheist Conference

The AAI Conference kicked off last night with keynote speeches by Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) and Sam Harris (The End of Faith). Later today will be Christopher Hitchens (god is not Great) and actress Julia Sweeney (Letting Go of God).

There has been such a rush to attend that organizers have extended the deadline to sign up for a live stream of the conference proceedings. For more info on that see the AAI website.

There are several blogs that have promised to update those of us unable to be there in person.

No God Blog
Friendly Atheist
Free Mind Joe
Homo economicus' blog

Until they update their sites enjoy the following You Tube links:

Julia Sweeney and Christopher Hitchens in recent CBS report:

Excerpt from Julia Sweeney's performance "Letting Go of God"

For a complete AAI conference schedule click here.

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John Gathly said...

Are you at the Atheist convention?

Eric Michael Johnson said...

Alas, no. I'm stuck at home finishing my thesis. From what I can glean from the various blog postings it sounds incredible. Next year's will be in Southern California. Perhaps I'll have the chance then.

john_sarge said...

Hi Homo economicus here.

It really has been a great conference, which has been fun as well as informative.

Attempting to write a blog a day covering the conference until I an think of nothing else to say about it. And if you have ever seen me posting on that could take a while ....

Thanks for the link, enjoy and please give me feedback!


ordinarygirl said...

Thanks for sharing the videos! I had never seen the second one before and I really thought it was good.